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I am not on the public scene for a few months. I will be working on a project in my studio.

I look forward to telling you about what happens next…

Here is my set at the Songwriter Showcase at The Sound Bar in March 2024.

The Pine Tree Church Music Festival was a blast!

Here is my set at https://jimcrozier.com/JC-PineTreeFest-240316/

The folks at Galactic Musician have been creating some really nicely produced interviews with music people associated with Tallahassee in some way. I am honored to be among those they chose to speak with – here it is:

I have rejoined the bass player rotation with Tallahassee Swing Band who has played nearly every Tuesday at the American Legion Hall at Lake Ella since 1989 from 7:30 to 10pm. I love playing with these guys and will be there once every third Tuesday – But at the moment I am recovering from orthopedic surgery for the Summer, but expect to be back in September.


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Wednesday Night Lab Session Page: https://www.jimcrozier.com/lab/


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Of course here at the beginning of 2021, we are not having a lot of live stuff, but there is some.

Also maintaining historical calendars, including the Wednesday Night Lab Session.

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