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My next show is Happy Hour at Blue Tavern on Wednesday, January 18, 5 to 7pm.

This show will have pretty much the same Lab Cats who helped me out for the September show which featured the songs of Bobby Charles. This one will feature the vocal trio of Jim Crozier, Ksena Zipperer and Angie Prather with support from Ben Banks and Mike Stone. We will be doing songs that I have started to learn before but never really did before – so this time will be special and Jim will be playing the big bass fiddle!

Jim Crozier and the Lab Cats at House of Music on February 4.

And with Dr Sinn’s Freak Island Musical Side Show for their 2023 Three City Tour – info & tickets: http://drsinnsideshow.com

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Tallahassee, Florida
email: jim at jimcrozier.com



Wednesday Night Lab Session Page: https://www.jimcrozier.com/lab/


If for any reason you want to give me money to support my various musical projects or make a purchase, that can be done at:

https://paypal.me/JimCrozier1 or on Venmo @JimCrozier1


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Check out recordings and links to videos of stuff I have done over the years.

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Of course here at the beginning of 2021, we are not having a lot of live stuff, but there is some.

Also maintaining historical calendars, including the Wednesday Night Lab Session.

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