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Here are some photos in music situations

After the concert - Waiting in the Museum - February 4, 2018 - photo by Larry Coltharp

After the concert - Waiting in the Museum - February 4, 2018

Music by Charlie Engstrom - performed by Fermata

left to right - Ken Skipper, Andrea Stanley, Michael Callan, Carrie Hamby, Charlie Engstrom, Jon Copps, Jim Crozier, Yvonne Gsteiger, Valarie Howington. Photo by Larry Coltharp. (Photo bomb in upper left corner by Rene Arbogast.)

Note: The regular guitarist in the ensemble, Steve Hodges, was absent due to the heart attack he experienced just before showtime - Ken and Jon filled in on guitar (and Velma Frye played the guitar line for one piece on keyboard).



With Walter Belmont at Barnacle Bills, TLH - November 2010

At the Frog and Hummingbird, Sopchoppy, FL - June 2011



The first Writers Night at the Mockingbird Cafe - hosted by Danny Goddard - May 2011

At the Pat Ramsey Memorial Festival - Fall 2010

At Ouzt's Too, sitting in with the Swingin' Harpoon Blues Band - January 2011

At the ACME R&B Reunion Show 2010 - photo by Jess Gaboury
Variations on a photo by Jess Gaboury - Jim Crozier at Star Seas - Feb 13, 2010

Cats in Orbit - photo from some time in the '80's
Jimi Mckenzie, Jim Crozier, Steve Redmond

From the Warehouse Show on Feb 6, 2009 (photos by Ronald H. Greer)
How Are Ya?
Intense, or In Tents?
It was a damn good show!

Frank Brown Songwriters Festival - 2008 - Perdido Key, FloraBama

Monroe Hamit, Jim Crozier, Jimi McKenzie, James H Williams



Jim with the McBrothers at the DeLand Original Music Festival, November 2008

The name of the group on that day was the Johnny McKenzie Trio.


Playing for Change at Lake Ella

with TD & Kathi Giddings and Jimi McKenzie


Sentimental Journey

RA Gray Building - Oct 2008

My jazz buddy's having a reunion in 1980!

the late Tom Creekmore, sax; Rene Arbogast, tpt; Jimmy Lohman, guitar; Van Crozier, sax; the late Steve Mello, drums; Jim Crozier, bass.

At the Lucky Horseshoe Bar, Sept, 1980.

This is me singing and playing "The Times They Are A Changin, Still!" at the Just Plain Folks Road Show when it came to Tallahassee on July 28,2007.

The next three shots are from the Night Sounds Studio show at the Warehouse, Feb 22, 2008

Johnny McKenzie, Jim Crozier, Jimi McKenzie, Steve Redmond


Johnny McKenzie, Jim Crozier, Steve Redmond, Bob Weiss, Jimi McKenzie, Michael McKenzie


Rick Knowles, Jim Crozier, Jimi McKenzie

I went over to the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center Park at White Springs, Florida on Feb 22, 2008 for the monthly Coffee House doin's they have there. MaryZ and Bob Cox are MC for the February event each year. We jammed at the Telford Hotel later that evening.

Bros at American Legon at Big Chili 04

The Jones Brothers at the American Legion

Jim at Tom Creekmore's wake, April 03

I was playing with Bonnie Edwards in the late 90's, I really dug that!

At a party in Mysterious Waters, Wakulla, Florida sometime in the early '0ts

Doin a gig for a friend

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